IonSeal System

The integral barrier for variety of wellbore integrity challenges, achieving the main standard for plug and abandonment


IonSeal system is a green resin, particle-free liquid activated by downhole temperature, designed and customized to meet different wellbore specifications, where density, viscosity, and setting time can be adjusted to achieve the highest performance and successful remarkable results. ®

Flexible solution provides easy and less complex operation, delivers a high rate of penetration through microchannels, micro-annuli, voids, pores, and small cracks, pumpable thru BHA, BIT, CT, Coil Hose, and control line

Durable solution overcomes all cement defects and withstands downhole thermal and pressure cycles due to its superior mechanical characteristics and flexibility. 

Integral barrier, chemical & corrosion resistant, immiscible with wellbore's fluids with high contamination tolerance, giving prices placement


IonSeal system provided through two main products

1-     IonSeal-CM: mainly designed for remedial cement applications, surface, and downhole leaks.

2-     IonSeal-LCMmainly designed for loss circulation

Both products have the same physical, and chemical properties, but with differences in mechanical characteristics and price,

IonSeal-CM is superior in mechanical characteristics, the ideal and integral barrier for remedial cement applications.

IonSeal LCM is less in mechanical characteristics but more tolerant in temperature changes, which represents the main challenge in loss circulation applications.


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