Ions Nor® Antiscalant 

a liquid blend of organic phosphonate and polymeric dispersant especially designed to control calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, barium sulfate, and strontium sulfate deposition in reverse osmosis membrane systems.
Ions Nor® AntiScalant increases the lifetime of the membrane elements and consequently reduces overall operating costs.

Ions Nor® Antiscalant is stable under normal operating conditions found in Reverse Osmosis, Plants, and chemically compatible with the manufacture's membrane.
Ions Nor® Antiscalant is certified suitable for drinking water according to the NSF standard and ISO 11348-3 from National Research Centre.


Excellent Calcium carbonate and calcium sulfate scale inhibitor, barium sulfate, and strontium sulfate inhibitor.
A very strong dispersing effect on suspended solids and fouling products, designed to operate reverse osmosis system under wide pH range up to Langelier Saturation Index of +2.5.
Such operating conditions minimize the need for acid feed.
Ions Nor® Antiscalant can be used for membrane systems using seawater or brackish feed water, enables membrane systems to run at a wide recovery range from 35% up to 75% depending on feed water quality.


Normally fed at 1.0-5.0 ppm based on the feedwater flow rate. It is highly recommended to feed the product prior to the static mixer or the cartridge filter housing,  it may be fed neat or diluted with RO permeate quality water. Chemical dosing, the system should be made of stainless steel or any other common plastic material.

Shipping & Packing

Ions Nor® Antiscalant is available in 25 and kilograms non-returnable plastic drums, different packaging can be made upon customer request.


Ions Nor® Antiscalant is a very stable product. Keep at moderate temperatures and keep away from direct sunlight.
Shelf-life time is two year

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