Ionsnor® is a Norwegian company, provides chemical and Engineering solutions for the oil & Energy Sectors, with engineering expertise that you need to clean, protect and restore well’s integrity at a less complex operating-cost reduction.

Ionsnor® has the in-depth knowledge and proven technical solution for pervasive problems found in todays’ wells

Ionsnor® developed its own state-of-the-art chemical and engineering services that help clients optimize operational performance and drive maximum value.

This is done by utilizing effective chemicals to improve productivity and reduce the total cost of operations while minimizing the overall environmental foot

Ionsnor® manufacturing its own products at multiple production sites, in addition to the in-house laboratories. The products range is covering multiple important sectors.

As we’re professionals in water Treatment applications and well integrity challenges, thereby we offer solutions for vast applications and industries including oil and gas, refining, petrochemical.

Ionsnor® is continuously developing its R&D activities to address changing industry requirements.

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